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Environmental Policy

The directors, management and staff of Eden Contractors Ltd fully recognise the impact that the organisation’s construction activities have on the environment. The organisation has designed and implemented a system to manage and reduce environmental impacts it has direct and indirect control over.

In order to carry out this work the director, management and staff of Eden Contractors Ltd undertake to inform and educate both our own personnel and those organisations that we come into contact through our works. We demand that all organisations that carry out work on our behalf and under our control i.e sub-contractors follow Eden Contractors Ltd environmental procedures as a minimum. We shall seek to manage the following issues of potential concern to our business. Eden Contractors Ltd believes that by carrying out training, co-operating with our clients and demanding similar co-operation from sub-contractors it can meet or exceed the demands made upon it with respect to achieving its objectives and targets and continually improving environmental performance.

Design and Planning

Eden Contractors Ltd shall where appropriate take steps to ensure that all environmental issues are flagged at the design stage of our projects and that steps are taken to minimise environmental impact at an early stage.


Activities on our sites can have a significant polluting affect on both the environment and our neighbours. Steps shall be taken to minimise the impact of releases to air, water and land associated with construction activities. Steps shall be taken to prevent the pollution of controlled waters such as lakes, rivers, coastal waters and ground water. The company undertakes to comply with local and national legislation as well as other requirements such as Pollution Prevention Guidelines.


Steps shall be taken to minimise the effects of noise. Efforts shall be made to restrict noisy activities to normal working hours. Late or early works shall only be carried out with the agreement of all interested parties.


The company undertakes to comply with its ‘DUTY OF CARE’ relating to the management and disposal of waste. Steps shall be taken to ensure that waste generation is minimised and that the resultant reduced levels of waste is disposed of in a responsible manner. Energy conservation will also be addressed to reduce our carbon footprint.